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I am unfortunately unable to answer GENERAL Border Collie  questions unless you are a customer. Sorry, but I simply do not have enough hours in the day! 

All of our Border Collie  ebook customers do have access though with any Border Collie  question.


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1.Overview of Border Collie  ebook package

Below is a summary of what is included in the Border Collie  ebook package;


bullet120  page ebook on the Border Collie  -  "Insider's Complete Guide To the Border Collie "


bullet1st FREE Bonus  Audio "Dog Training Secrets Revealed"  Plus Fully Typed Transcription.

In this  high quality  recorded audio you will hear how a  professional  Australian dog trainer manages the day to day dog behavior problems many dog owners  have had to deal with.

You will discover   proven methods of managing  the disobedient dog, how to quickly control the dog that barks too much,  potty training in as little as 24 hrs, step by step obedience training,  and much much more.


bullet2nd FREE bonus ebooklet; "Teaching Your Border Collie  13 Easy Tricks"

Learn how to quickly and easily teach your Border Collie  13 fun tricks and impress your friends!


bullet3rd FREE bonus ebooklet; "Changing your Border Collie 's Temperament For The Better.

Most buyers don't think about their Border Collie 's temperament before its too late.  This guide helps you develop a sound temperament.


bullet4th FREE bonus ebooklet;  " Secrets To Walking Your Border Collie  On or Off the Leash.

Don't be dragged around the block by your pulling dog.  This ebooklet clearly explains in detail, how to quickly and with minimum fuss,  teach your Border Collie  to walk comfortably beside you either on or off the leash.


bullet5th FREE bonus ebooklet; "Choosing Your Doggie's name".

This FREE ebooklet includes almost 2000 male and female dog names. You will have fun looking through the list and will be sure to find something special to call to suit your "best friend".


  bullet    6th FREE bonus ebooklet; Full typed transcription of the "Dog Training Down Secrets Revealed" 

 Some people prefer listening , some prefer reading. I have provided both for you so you have the best of both worlds. This free bonus is a full typed transcription of the Dog Training  Audio.


That's $99.04   worth of value for just $27.77


Sharda's Iron Clad Guarantee

I have Sharda's Full 60 day Guarantee:

 If for any reason I am not completely happy with the Border Collie  Package, I can simply email Sharda Baker, and request a refund. I will without question be issued a 100% refund and get to keep the whole package.



I have read and accept the purchase agreement.  purchase  agreement  

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2. Order Questions 

We use Clickbank to process all credit card orders, although for US customers we can process on-lines “checks” also via clickbank.

We use “Clickbank” to process our orders as they are the world’s biggest and arguable the safest on-line banking system.

 They process  most credit cards plus PayPal.

We are unable to accept any other form of payment at this time.

 ClickBank is an independent payment processor that is not directly associated with our website.

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3. Download Support

Immediately after purchasing any of our Border Collie  products, you will be taken to a secure special download page.

This secret download page will contain all your downloads, plus detailed instructions to help you.

Should you  require further assistance, simply email us  with the following details and we will help you our right away (within 24hrs, often sooner).

The email should include;

1) The name and email address used for the order and the date ordered.

2)  The nature of the problem.

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4. Free Email Course

If you have not already done so, you should consider subscribing to my free  Border Collie email course.

For more details please visit my website and look for the box with the Border Collie email  course FREE subscription.

Here's the link     click to go to my website for the free email course


5. Contact.

I am unfortunately unable to answer GENERAL Border Collie  questions unless you are a customer. Sorry, but I simply do not have enough hours in the day.! 

All of our Border Collie  ebook customers do have access though with any Border Collie  question.

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